Technology Partnership

Universal Robots     robot

Skymech has entered into a technology partnership with an European robotics company that has developed and commercialised a competitive, flexible industrial robot which boasts of a relatively light weight with friendly programming software.

This technology partnership with Universal Robots of Denmark (  offers customers of Skymech access to versatility in solving multiple process problems via a user friendly, cost-effective, easily programmable robot. Skymech is empowered to offer wider system design options through this partnership and makes possible a more cost effective solution as Skymech will have distributor discounts, instead of going through a middleman.  Also Skymech will have access to training and be experts in programming and resolving technical issues

Through these business and technology partnerships, we continue to contribute to their development through the increasing value adding services that we offer. We are grateful for their continued support and extend our appreciation for their contribution to our own growth and development. 

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