Medical Devices

Syringes   Catheters   Blood Bags

Skymech has been working with single use medical device companies since the mid 1990’s.  These companies focus on products such as syringes, standard as well as safety syringes; dialysis products such as blood bags, solution bags, AV Fistulas etc and blood collection devices

Through working with our partners who are international multinational companies (MNCs) we have been able to learn from them and develop capabilities that support their manufacturing operations in Singapore as well as in their international manufacturing sites all over the world.  We have also been fortunate to be exposed to a full understanding of the medical device industry specific requirements such as URS, IQ/OQ/PQ, FAT/SAT, validation protocols and GMP standards.

The range of automation equipment that we have custom designed and built is fairly extensive; from secondary packaging, assembly and test, process etc. We have also developed strong capabilities in undertaking system integration of 3rd party equipment both standard as well as custom built.  Additionally, we are able to participate with our partners in New Product Introduction projects developing semi-auto equipment for small batch product launches. We also work with our partners on retrofitting/redesign, built-to-print projects besides full custom design and build.

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